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New Release - "Golden Heels" 30.12.22

 by Briana Lyn

Country Songstress signs off 2022 with a declaration of empowerment

A soaring pedal steel guitar opens this country delight with the smooth sound of the Country songstresses' declaration that a girl's shoes are her best friend.  It's the tale as old as time - stepping into a pair of high heel shoes, somehow changes a woman's outlook on her day and her life.  Even if it's raining and things haven't quite worked out, there will be sunshine everywhere and the road ahead seems a lot less hard.  Just like Dorothy on the yellow brick road, she had to travel down that adventurous road and that pedal steel guitar doesn't disappoint.  Golden Heels is an expression of empowerment and finding strength in yourself  and if you have a reliable pair of high heels, then you're good to go.

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Working with Briana lyn

Myself and Briana connected earlier this year (2022) and we instantly got on well.  We had so much in common as well as a massive love of Country Music.  We started having bi weekly zoom chats and we started writing together.  I was in awe of how Briana could just lay out a chord progression on her piano with ease.  Her voice is insane and takes you on a journey everytime she belts out a song.  We talked about relationships and before we knew it high heels came into the mix because she had bought some for a date with a guy and he cancelled on her. (More fool him).  She realised that when her shoes arrived they didn't fit which made her think that maybe the guy didn't either.  But she did get another size of her fabulous new heels! And just like that, Golden Heels was born.  We worked on the lyrics and the melody over a few weeks of zoom chats and we quickly started to realise that we had an empowering song on our hands.

During my time working with Briana, I have learned so much and we are excited to continue working together on our other upcoming projects.  Watch this space!



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Rebloom Music is the creation of Hampshire based lyricist Sam Gallimore who draws inspiration from personal experience to evoke the art of storytelling through music. Empowering and inspirational, Sam’s lyrics combine a fusion of Country, Pop and Jazz. 







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