Debut Track “Stars” Out Now!

 by Rebloom Music

Rebloom Music pens their first country track inspired by childhood memories

'Stars' is an inviting and melodic track with a powerful underlying message for those seeking inspiration during life's struggle's. Lyricist Sam creates an emotionally charged song which takes us back to our childhood dreams. A story of our hopes and aspirations as we journey towards adulthood. Combining an immersive mix of Country with musical influences from Brooke Eden and Meghen McKenna, this track will resonate and touch your heart in more ways than one.


The 2020 Lockdown brought a time for reflection and introspection and a perfect opportunity for Sam to develop her writing skills. In the past 12 months the songwriter has achieved notable success with a 4 star commended entry in the 2020 UKSC awards, a collaboration with DiDs Music and subsequent debut track, 'Stars'. In a world of uncertainty, music is a comfort to us all and Sam's music will certainly take you to places you will want to go.

'Stars' by Rebloom Music

"Stars is a lovely modern country song sung by session singer Megan Louise. It was lovely working with Sam and hope to work with her again in the future."

Di Di Somma, DiDs Music 



//  Origin:  Hampshire, UK
//  Genres:  Country, Folk, Pop, Acoustic
//  Years Active:  2020 - Present
//  Website:  www.rebloommusic.com
Short Bio

Rebloom Music is the creation of Hampshire based lyricist Sam Gallimore who draws inspiration from personal experience to evoke the art of storytelling through music. Empowering and inspirational, Sam’s lyrics combine a fusion of Country mixed with Folk and Pop. 



“Stars” is inspired by Sam's own experience singing with friends in her bedroom.  Using a hairbrush instead of a microphone and making up dance moves to Wham!  It’s about a journey of hope that the girl is going through to get where she wants to be.  Not wanting to be rich, she just wants people to like what she does.  Asking the stars to guide her – those stars are the same ones that have been there all along.  She sees hope in the stars despite her struggle.





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