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Sam has a natural ability to evoke the art of storytelling in her lyrics. Inspired from personal experience, she has already recieved industry recognition. 

Here are some of the lyrics and music she has recently worked on. 

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“Memories” came from a random moment in the shower, where the first line of the first verse came to me.  I had to write it down. The song has a jazz feel and tells the story of a woman whose been left behind by a past love and alll she has left are the memories.  She knows she can move on even though she has scars.  I took inspiration from an experience I had one night walking away from a relationship that had ended.  The song details the journey we all go through to get over someone.

“Stars” is inspired by my own experience singing with my friends in my bedroom.  Using a hairbrush instead of a microphone and making up dance moves to Wham!  It’s about a journey of hope that the girl is going through to get where she wants to be.  Not wanting to be rich, she just wants people to like what she does.  Asking the stars to guide her – those stars are the same ones that have been there all along.  She sees hope in the stars despite her struggle.

"Golden Heels" is inspired by a date that didn't work out.  A new pair of heels were bought and they didn't fit.  After the guy cancelled, she realised that he didn't either. The first verse sets the scene with the heels meaning more to her than him.  The pre chorus lets the audience know what a girl can always rely on - a pair of high heel shoes!  The Chorus explains the adventure ahead of her, now she has realised her strength and her golden heels give her the power to move on.  The lyrics evoke empowerment and adventure.  Just like Dorothy on the yellow brick road, she endured twists and turns along the way to get to her happy ending.

Rebloom Awards

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Sam has already achieved notable success for her songwriting. Check out Sam’s certificates here. (click on the Rebloom Awards photo)

New Music Release    Out Thursday 02.03.23

Don't Ask Me Cover Art.JPG

Rebloom Music's next project sees her co-writing with the talented Songwriter

Gareth Wilson and the amazing artist

Dai Robs on

Don't Ask Me

Released on Thursday

2nd March 2023! 

Interested in working with Rebloom Music? Contact Sam today to discuss collaborating

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