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Sam has a natural ability to evoke the art of storytelling in her lyrics. Inspired from personal experience, she has already recieved industry recognition. 

Here are some of the lyrics and music she has recently worked on. 

“Soft Tattoo”

Soft Tattoo

“Soft Tattoo” describes a friendship from an early age, teenage years and into adulthood.  From being together having fun on their bikes and climbing trees, to chatting into the early hours and going out dancing and maybe having relationships with other people.  It tells how one person can suddenly find themselves having feelings for the other, but it might not be reciprocated.  Could this mean the end of the friendship or the start of a beautiful relationship?



“Stars” is inspired by my own experience singing with my friends in my bedroom.  Using a hairbrush instead of a microphone and making up dance moves to Wham!  It’s about a journey of hope that the girl is going through to get where she wants to be.  Not wanting to be rich, she just wants people to like what she does.  Asking the stars to guide her – those stars are the same ones that have been there all along.  She sees hope in the stars despite her struggle.



“Memories” came from a visit to my Dad’s house in Spain after he had passed away. When we arrived to sort out his personal effects etc., I noticed photos on the table. They were photos of his family and showing us growing up .Even though I hadn’t seen much of him over the years, seeing the photos made me smile. They gave me comfort and peace when I saw them. This was a great healer for me.


Rebloom Awards

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Sam has already achieved notable success for her songwriting. Check out Sam’s certificates here. (click on the Rebloom Awards photo)

Latest Music Release

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Rebloom Music's debut track is out now! Stars is an immersive and melodic Country track with a powerful message. Listen on Spotify now!

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