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As a lyricist I have worked with Producers and Session Singers and other writers to create storytelling in Music.  I have been awarded Commended Entry for three sets of lyrics.  Working with others; I believe is key to the creative process and great things can come from this.  Whether it be creating lyrics from a feeling, a memory or an observation. 

All genres of Music fascinate me, in particular, Country, Folk, Pop and Dance Music.  I am interested in building on my knowledge and experience and would love to connect with fellow lyricists, songwriters, singers, producers and beatmakers!

Penned dozens of songs....

Introducing Gareth Wilson.....

Born and raised in mid Wales, Gareth is heavily influenced by songwriters such as Elton John and Phil Collins and more recently the Country artists and songwriters of Nashville.


Graduating with a degree in music back in the late 90s he left composing behind for over two decades. During the Covid-19 lockdown of 2021, he was inspired to start writing again and has penned dozens of songs in this short time.


He entered three songs in the 2021 UK Songwriting Contest and was a semi-finalist with two.


Artists are already showing interest in performing some of his songs and his collaboration with Rebloom Music is elevating his music to new heights.

You can connect with Gareth here

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Lovely to work with Sam

"Sam contacted DiDs Music Studio Productions to help turn some of her lyrics into a full song. Sam was very easy to work with and we had constant communication every step of the way. I helped Sam with the lyrics and structured the song for her. Sam had some good lyric suggestions which gave the song a good hook. I gave Sam several choices of genre and Sam took the advice given as to which genre her lyrics would best fit. I gave Sam a few singers I work with and once Sam had chosen which one she liked, we went to work recording a melody guide. This allowed Sam to make any changes at that time. She loved the song, so we went ahead and recorded, mixed & mastered the final version."

"Stars is a lovely modern country song sung by session singer Megan Louise. It was lovely working with Sam and hope to work with her again in the future."


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